PRISM operates in a multi-tiered scheme starting from the national to regional and institutional engagements. At the national level, the PRISM Unit under the ASPPD of PhilRice receives policies, general directions, and other instructions from DA through the FOS and coordinates with the FPOPD, DRRM, and ICTS.

The regional level of operations of PRISM is led by the DA-RFOs in coordination with the PRISM Unit at PhilRice. At the institutional level, the PRISM Unit operates under the ASPPD, generally headed by a division head.

Organizational and functional structures at national level of operation

To streamline the management and coordination activities of the PRISM Unit, it is supported, monitored, and coordinated by the DA-FOS in collaboration with the DA-FPOPD, DRRM, ICTS, RFOs, and attached agencies, while the national and international partners are involved in technical assistance provision and support. The Unit serves as the center of operations, management, coordination, and collaboration.

Department of Agriculture / PRISM Management Team — provide the strategic objectives, policies and guidelines, and monitor and evaluate the operation progress and delivery of PRISM data products.

FOS — provide strategic objectives, policies, and guidelines in line with the DA’s development goal of food security.

FPOPD — lead the utilization and analysis of PRISM data products for planning and field operations; also lead the coordination with the PRISM Unit at PhilRice regarding regional and national implementation.

DRRM — coordinate and collaborate with the PRISM Unit and DA-RFOs on damage assessments and field validations during calamities such as typhoons, floods, and drought events.

ICTS — coordinate with the PRISM Unit on the provision of technical support to the RFOs along network, system management, and ICT infrastructure to ensure strong connectivity for online data management and delivery of information through the PRISM portal.

DA-RFOs — lead and manage ground data collection and validation on crop status and facilitate coordination at regional level; develop strategic recommendations and capacity building for regional PRISM implementers and participating LGUs.

DA-attached and partner agencies — serve as collaborative partners in sourcing out technical support and secondary data used by PRISM.

International partners (IRRI) — serve as technical consultants.

Organizational and functional structures at regional level of operation

The regional operations of PRISM is led by the DA-RFOs in coordination with the PRISM Unit at PhilRice. The PRISM Unit at PhilRice CES has deployed staff to its branch stations to coordinate and assist the PRISM team of DA-RFOs in the implementation and monitoring of locations and its field activities. These staffs are in close coordination with key persons of the DA-RFOs and report to its immediate supervisors in the branch station and coordinate progress to the field operations section of the unit.

The DA-RFOs lead the regional operations on ground data collection, monitoring and field validations, capacity buildings for regional implementers, and strategic planning.

Regional Executive Director — provides guidance and identify a PRISM team in his/her respective region composed of regional focal person, data manager, data collectors, and IT.

Regional PRISM Focal Person — lead all regional activities in coordination with the PRISM Unit, regional implementers, participating LGUs, and other regional stakeholders.

Data Collectors — conduct regular field monitoring and collect and submit ground data.

Regional Data Manager — manage regional data submitted by Data Collectors.

IT Specialist — manage regional PRISM portal users and provide technical support to regional implementers along ICT.

Organizational and functional structures at institutional level of operation

Under the supervision of the Unit Head, three sections with personnel requirement have been identified and will be sustained to continue component activities for the PRISM Unit.

PRISM Management — composed of DA Operations, PhilRice Executive Director, and DA-BAR; lead in the planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of the PRISM operations at PhilRice and DA-RFOs.

PRISM Unit Management — serves as main management and operation center to execute PRiSM processes, national coordination, output delivery, and collaboration.

Field Operations and Coordination Section — lead the technical coordination and regional implementation on rice monitoring and ground validation.

Mapping and Crop Modeling Section — lead activities on rice mapping, yield estimation, and damage assessment using remote sensing and crop modeling technologies.

System and Information Section — lead in the management, delivery, and communication of PRISM data and information and ensure the reliability of the infrastructure.