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PRiSM MAPscapeRICE® Training-workshop

The Philippine Rice Information System (PRiSM) Unit launched its face-to-face five-day training-workshop on the use of MAPscapeRICE® for the generation of rice area, yield estimates, and landcover map. The training was conducted on January 16-20, 2023 at PhilRice Central Experiment Station CBC Training Room.

Mr. Massimo Barbieri from the sarmap company was invited as the resource speaker for the event. Participants from the Department of Agriculture, Field Programs Operational Planning Division (FPOPD), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), and PRiSM technical staff joined the said training.

A courtesy call of Mr. Barbieri on PhilRice Executive Director, Dr. John C. de Leon was also held to officially start the training.

During the courtesy call Dr. de Leon shows his appreciation to Mr. Barbieri and to sarmap for the continuous help and support they have given to PhilRice-PRiSM.

We are indeed thankful for your frequent update with the team, and also to ideas that you have provided so that we can deliver timely information to decision-makers,” Dr. de Leon added in his talk to Mr. Barbieri.

Mr. Massimo Barbieri also shows his appreciation to PhilRice PRiSM Unit.

The organization that you have created, like PRiSM is something that you should be proud of because the team works very well. They have been able to spread the knowledge throughout the country, and create groups that can work with and exchange information from ground and satellite data, that thing only happens here and to me, that is something unique,” Mr. Barbieri said during his talk to Dr. de Leon.

Topics discussed and learned by the participants include training course introduction and program; data visual inspection for identifying anomalies to be removed/corrected; improved GLO30 DEM and new slope image availability; possible use of an input land cover map; integration of SAR and VHR optical for improving rice area detection, for Negros; EDPSVI generation and analysis for assessing crop seasonal trends, for Isabela; and yield vs LAI comparison at municipal level, an early-warning SAR based indicator.

Closing and awarding of certificates to the resource speaker and participants were headed by Mr. Jovino L. de Dios, PRiSM Unit head

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